Ollerup Scholarship

The Ollerup scholarship for 2017 was awarded to Millie Manning. Congratulations Millie!

Ollerup is a gymnastics academy in Denmark. Every year the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym club offers a scholarship to one lucky recipient, to attend Ollerup.  It is a boarding school where gymnasts participate in sports, sports theory, coaching practices, Danish studies, leadership and team building activities, intercultural studies and of course, gymnastics. Many types of gymnastics are offered at Ollerup. Some of these include; tumbling, power tumbling, teamgym, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and parkour.

As well as lots of Danish students, there is a large class of international students. Everyone is able to learn about different cultures and create lifelong friendships. The atmosphere of the school is like a home away from home. For more information about Ollerup you can visit their website https://www.ollerup.dk/